Book Review Policy

Hello! If you're a(n) Publisher/Author wanting us to review a book, thanks so much for considering us. However, there are some rules we'd like to go through first. We do not receive or accept any type of compensation for our reviews. 

Books We Accept (including format):
We accept any type and genre of book, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

 We accept all formats of the copy of your book (electronic/physical/audiobook), but we may not be able to accept physical copies, so please contact us for more details to see if we're able to accept physical copies at this time. 

Books We WILL NOT Accept:
~ Erotic Romance
~ Graphic novels with explicit sexual content
~ Self-help
~ Other content which may be inappropriate (please contact if you're unsure about this)

Also Consider:
~ We are located in Melbourne, Australia
~ All our reviews are honest, but if we rate the book 2 stars or under, we will ask for your consent to post the review
~ Before/During the review process, if we have not received a reply email within 9 days, we will not review the book
~ We will reply to your email even if we decline to review your book

What You Can Expect in Our Reviews:
~ A cover picture
~ A short summary/blurb of the book
~ An honest review with a rating out of 5 stars
~ A thank you to the source who sent us a copy of the book
~ Buying/Goodreads/Author links if you would like us to do so 

Where to Contact Us:

You can contact us using the Contact Form on the sidebar, or alternatively, by emailing us at

As earlier mentioned we will reply even if we decline to review. Thanks for considering us. 

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