Pertinent Details (About Us)

Hello readers! How are you? Thank you for continuing to read this introduction.

If anyone is confused, this is a book blog by two Melburnian identical twin sisters. Here is an infographic to make life easier.  

What books shall we be reviewing? YA, fantasy, classics, maybe others if we happen to pick them up, like crime thrillers! Heads up, this blog won’t only be about book reviews, we will try to vary our posts. We both guarantee that we will PUT AN EFFORT into lovely grammar and punctuation and engage your attention. So please keep reading!

A little tip so we don’t confuse you:

Any other colour is just an artistic choice.

Goodreads account: Luna Saturn
Also, if there are any concerns, feel free to email or use the CONTACT FORM option on the sidebar. We will reply ASAP!

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